How to Make a Bug Hat for a Bug-Free Outdoor Experience With the Little Ones

Making a bug hat for kids is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about bugs. Bug hats are fun, functional, and now stylish. Bug hats are comfortable to wear, sturdy, and lightweight. 

Bug hats are versatile, and can be worn in any weather. They help filter outside air and act as a barrier to bugs and their droppings, which is great for gardeners, vegetable gardeners, and anyone who has an allergy to insect stings. Bug hats are eco-friendly, made from repurposed materials, and can be recycled after use.

If you love spending time outdoors but hate dealing with pesky bugs, then this blog post is for you! Keep reading to learn how to make your very own bug hat, which will help keep the bugs at bay so you can enjoy an outdoor experience free from bugs.

What is a Bug Hat

A Bug Hat is a type of headwear that is designed to protect the wearer from bugs and other insects. The hat is made of a lightweight material that is typically treated with insect repellent. The hat is worn over the head and covers the ears, face, and neck. 

The material is usually porous to allow air to circulate and keep the wearer cool. When you wear a bug hat, the bugs will be kept away from your face, making it much less likely that you’ll be bitten or stung.

Bug Hat

The Benefits of Wearing a Bug Hat

There are many benefits of wearing a bug hat, especially in the summertime. Bugs are attracted to heat and light, so by wearing a hat, you can avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and other insects. 

Here are a few benefits of wearing a bug hat:

1. The Bug Hat will keep your head cool

2. The Bug Hat will protect your face from sunburn, windburn, and dust

3. The Bug Hat will protect your face and ears from bugs and flying objects

4. It can protect you from bites.

5. It can help you to avoid getting bugs in your hair.

6. It can make you look more stylish.

How to Make a Bug Hat For Kids: What You’ll Need

A Bug Hat can be made from a variety of materials, including cloth, felt, or even paper. To make a Bug Hat, you will need a piece of cloth or felt that is large enough to cover your head, and two pieces of ribbon or string. 

Bug Hat

Below are some of the materials needed for making a Bug Hat:

Glue Dots for Crafts

Lines of Glue

Pipe cleaners in black

Ribbon or elastic band

Cardstock in yellow, red, and black

Glitter in black

squinting eyes


Punch a single hole

White Outline with a pen or a white marker

How to Make a Bug Hat For Kids: The Process

  1. Make two 4.25″ x 11″ pieces of paper by folding the yellow and red paper in half lengthwise.
  2. Cut the black paper into two 4-5 inch circles (I traced a bowl to get a perfect size). Divide the two circles in half
  3. To create the face, apply Glue Lines around the black half-edged circles and attach them to the center of the bottom of the yellow and red pieces.
  4. To attach googly eyes to the face, use Craft Glue Dots.
  5. Each stripe needs four holes, two above the face and one in the middle of the end. Use a hole punch to make the holes.
  6. Place Craft Glue Dots at random on the red paper to create spots, and use Glue Lines to create stripes on the yellow paper.
  7. Glitter should be applied to glue lines and dots. To ensure that the glitter is adhered, gently press it into the adhesive; then, wipe off any extra glitter.
  8. Draw the smile using a whiteout pen or white marker.
  9. To give your bug antennae a spiral effect, thread a pipe cleaner through the two holes above the face and wrap the ends around a finger or pencil. For your child’s next party, create bug hats. Cardstock, Glue Dots, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners make it simple.
  10. On the inside of the hat, tie a knot after threading the ribbon or an elastic band through the ends. 

How to Style a Bug Hat

When it comes to styling a bug hat, there are a few key things to keep in mind: 

First, the hat should be made of a lightweight fabric that will keep your head cool in warm weather. 

Second, the brim of the hat should be wide enough to provide ample coverage from the sun. Finally, the hat should be adorned with a fun and festive bug pattern that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Where to Buy Bug Hats

There are many places to buy bug hats, including online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. Some popular online retailers that sell bug hats include Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. If you prefer to shop in physical stores, try looking for camping, hiking, or outdoor stores; they are likely to carry bug hats. 

When choosing a bug hat, consider the material (mesh is often best for keeping bugs out), the brim size (for maximum sun and bug protection, choose a wide-brimmed hat), and the color (light colors are less likely to attract bugs).


With all that said, bug hats are fun, functional, and now stylish. Bug hats are comfortable to wear, sturdy, and lightweight. Bug hats are versatile, and they can be worn while gardening, hiking, or working outside. 

And when the sun gets too hot, simply pull the brim down for some extra shade. Best of all, bug hats are easy to make! In this post, we showed you how to make a simple bug hat that will keep the bugs at bay all summer long. So try and create one on your own.

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