Best Lump Charcoal For Pizza Oven: The Top 5 Brands You Need To Try

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Isn’t it just a delight when the scent of pizza baking wafts in the air, stirring up memories and igniting our taste buds? It’s an art that we’re passionate about; transforming simple ingredients into a masterpiece. From kneading dough to selecting toppings, every step is crucial. But let’s not forget one vital part: fueling your oven!

Yes, dear reader! What makes your favorite flatbread heavenly isn’t magic at all – it’s science! The secret lies in using the best lump charcoal for pizza ovens to ensure optimal heat distribution.

So get ready as we spin together through this smoky carousel of information about the best type of fire fuel on the market. We promise by the end of this thrill ride, you will be prepared to bake pizzas like no other with our recommended picks for the best lump charcoals out there.

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Choosing the Best Lump Charcoal for Pizza Ovens

When it comes to cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven, using the right lump charcoal can make all the difference. But with so many options available on the market, how do you know which one is best for your pizza oven?

Further down this article, we will guide you through the process of choosing the best lump charcoal for your pizza oven and introduce you to five top-rated brands that are worth trying.

Characteristics of Good Quality Lump Charcoal

Good quality lump charcoal should have certain characteristics that ensure an optimal cooking experience.

Firstly, it should be made from natural hardwood without any additives or fillers. This ensures a clean burn and imparts a smoky flavor to your pizzas.

Additionally, good lump charcoal should ignite easily and reach high temperatures quickly, allowing you to achieve that perfect crispy crust in no time.

Hardwood vs Softwood Lump Charcoal

When it comes to choosing between hardwood and softwood lump charcoal, hardwood is generally preferred for pizza ovens.

Hardwoods like oak, hickory, and maple provide a longer burn time and produce more consistent heat compared to softwoods like pine or fir. The denser nature of hardwoods also results in less ash production during combustion.

Effects of Using Different Types of Lump Charcoal on Pizza Taste and Texture

The type of lump charcoal used can have a significant impact on the taste and texture of your pizzas. For example, using mesquite lump charcoal will impart a strong smoky flavor while cherry or apple wood will add a subtle sweetness.

Experimenting with different types of wood can help you find your desired flavor profile.

How to Properly Light and Maintain Your lump charcoal in a Pizza Oven

Properly lighting and maintaining your lump charcoal is crucial for a successful pizza cooking session. Start by arranging the coals evenly in your oven, leaving space for airflow.

From there, use a chimney starter or an electric starter to ignite the charcoal. Once the flames die down and the coals turn white, spread them out evenly before placing your pizzas on the cooking surface.

Tips for Conserving Your Lump Charcoal when Baking Pizzas

Conserving your lump charcoal can save you money and ensure longer cooking sessions. Here are a few tips to that effect:

1. Use less fuel initially and gradually add more as needed.

2. Close off vents when not actively cooking, reducing oxygen flow and slowing down combustion.

3. Using a baking stone or pizza steel can help retain heat within the oven, allowing you to achieve consistent results with less fuel.

Comparative Analysis: Top Rated Brands of Lump Charcoals Suitable for Pizza Ovens

Now that you know what characteristics to look for in good quality lump charcoal, let’s dive into our top five recommendations:

1. Fogo Super Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Fogo is renowned for producing top-quality lump charcoal made from hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and maple. The charcoal pieces are large and consistent, ensuring even heat distribution and longevity during cooking sessions.

Its low ash production and minimal sparking characteristics make it ideal for enclosed cooking environments like pizza ovens. Moreover, Fogo’s lump charcoal burns hot and fast, reaching optimal pizza-cooking temperatures in no time, delivering that sought-after crispy crust.

Pizza enthusiasts often praise its mild, smoky aroma that enhances the flavor of the pizza without overpowering the toppings.

best lump charcoal for pizza oven

2. Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Jealous Devil’s Lump charcoal is crafted from dense hardwoods, primarily sourced from South America. This brand boasts a unique carbonization process, resulting in charcoal with very low moisture content and minimal impurities.

These factors contribute to a clean-burning and consistent heat output, perfect for achieving those perfectly charred pizza crusts. The lump charcoal’s large pieces and impressive burn time allow for extended cooking sessions without the need for frequent refueling.

Additionally, its lack of sparks and reduced ash production ensure a smooth and hassle-free pizza-making experience.

3. Royal Oak All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal:

Royal Oak is a well-established name in the charcoal industry, known for its commitment to using only 100% natural hardwoods without any fillers or additives.

Their all-natural lump charcoal is an excellent choice for pizza ovens, providing a steady heat source and enhancing the pizza’s taste profile. The lump charcoal is easy to ignite, and once lit, it reaches high temperatures quickly.

This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking to cook multiple pizzas in succession without compromising on crust quality. The relatively smaller pieces of Royal Oak’s lump charcoal make it an excellent option for pizza ovens with limited space.

4. Kamado Joe Big Block XL Lump Charcoal:

Designed explicitly for ceramic grills and pizza ovens, Kamado Joe’s Big Block XL lump charcoal stands out for its sizable chunks and long-lasting burn.

Made from dense hardwood, this lump charcoal offers consistent heat for extended cooking periods, making it ideal for slow-cooking pizzas at lower temperatures or baking bread in a pizza oven.

Users appreciate the lack of additives and minimal ash production, as it reduces the need for frequent cleanups during cooking sessions. The high-quality flavor it imparts to pizzas has earned it a spot in the favorites list of many pizza enthusiasts.

5. Rockwood All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal:

Rockwood takes pride in sourcing hardwood from Missouri, a region known for producing high-quality charcoal wood. Their all-natural lump charcoal is made from a blend of oak, hickory, maple, and pecan, resulting in a well-balanced and flavorful burn.

This lump charcoal is crafted using a meticulous carbonization process that yields large and dense pieces. As a result, it burns steadily and evenly, providing a reliable heat source for pizza ovens.

The minimal sparking and low ash production further add to its appeal, ensuring that your pizza-making experience remains enjoyable from start to finish.

Consideration Factors When Purchasing Bulk Quantity of Lump Charcoal

If you’re looking to purchase bulk quantities of lump charcoal, there are a few factors to consider:

a. Firstly, check if the brand offers bulk discounts or wholesale pricing.

b. Secondly, consider storage options as lump charcoal should be stored in a dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.

c. Lastly, calculate your average usage and estimate how long the bulk quantity will last you to ensure you’re getting the best value for money.

Evaluating User Reviews & Testimonials on Various Brands of Lump Charcoal

Reading user reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the performance and quality of different brands of lump charcoal.

Look for reviews that specifically mention pizza oven use to gauge their suitability for your cooking needs. Also, pay attention to aspects like burn time, flavor infusion, and overall customer satisfaction.

Price Comparison and Value For Money Across Varied Brands

When it comes to price comparison, keep in mind that not all expensive lump charcoals guarantee better quality or performance. Some lesser-known brands may offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

Compare prices across different brands but also consider factors like burn time, heat consistency, and flavor enhancement when assessing their true value for money.

Safety Precautions While Handling and Storing Lump Charcoals

While using lump charcoal is generally safe when handled properly, it’s important to take some safety precautions.

Always wear heat-resistant gloves while handling hot coals or disposing of ash. Again, avoid storing lump charcoal near flammable materials or in areas with high humidity as this can affect its combustibility.

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Shopping Tips: Where to Buy High-Quality, Affordable Lump Charcoals Suitable for Pizza Ovens.

Now that you have all the information about choosing the best lump charcoal for your pizza oven, where can you find them?

Consider checking out specialty cooking stores or online retailers that specialize in grill equipment and accessories. Don’t forget to compare prices across platforms before making your final purchase.


Choosing the best lump charcoal for your pizza oven is crucial for achieving that perfect wood-fired flavor and texture.

Consider the characteristics of good quality lump charcoal, experiment with different types of hardwoods, and explore our top five recommended brands to find the one that suits your needs.

Happy pizza baking!


Q: What is the best type of charcoal to use in a pizza oven?

A: The best type of charcoal to use in a pizza oven is hardwood lump charcoal. It provides a clean burn and imparts a delicious smoky flavor to the pizza.

Q: Can I use charcoal briquettes in my pizza oven?

A: Yes, you can use charcoal briquettes in your pizza oven. However, they may not give you the same flavor as hardwood lump charcoal.

Q: What is the difference between charcoal and wood as fuel for a pizza oven?

A: Charcoal is a processed form of wood that has been charred, while wood is in its natural state. Both can be used as fuel for a pizza oven, but charcoal tends to burn hotter and more consistently.

Q: Can I use a combination of charcoal and wood in my pizza oven?

A: Absolutely! Using a combination of charcoal and wood can give your pizza a unique flavor profile. Just make sure to adjust the ratio to suit your taste.

Q: What kind of charcoal is best for an Ooni pizza oven?

A: The best charcoal for an Ooni pizza oven is Ooni Premium Lumpwood Charcoal. It is specifically designed for use with Ooni pizza ovens and provides optimal heat for perfect pizzas.

Q: How much charcoal should I use in my pizza oven?

A: The amount of charcoal you should use in your pizza oven will depend on the size and type of your oven. It’s best to start with a moderate amount and adjust as needed to achieve the desired temperature.

Q: What are some tips for using charcoal in pizza ovens?

A: Here are a few tips for using charcoal in pizza ovens: – Use hardwood lump charcoal for the best flavor. – Arrange the charcoal in a single layer for even heat distribution. – Allow the charcoal to fully ignite and reach a steady temperature before placing your pizza in the oven. – Add more charcoal as needed to maintain the desired temperature.

Q: Does the type of charcoal affect the flavor of my pizza?

A: Yes, the type of charcoal you use can affect the flavor of your pizza. Hardwood lump charcoal tends to give a more distinct smoky flavor, while charcoal briquettes may have a milder flavor.

Q: Can I use charcoal in a wood-fired pizza oven?

A: Yes, you can use charcoal in a wood-fired pizza oven. In fact, combining charcoal and wood can provide a good balance of heat and flavor.

Q: Where can I buy the best charcoal for my pizza oven?

A: You can buy the best charcoal for your pizza oven from specialty barbecue stores, online retailers, or directly from the manufacturer of your pizza oven.

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