Find the Best Hiking Sandals Near Me for My Next Trip!

Are your hiking boots getting old? Have you lost interest in your hiking boot or your hiking shoe? Would you like to take a break and go something else rather than your running shoe? Have you been wondering, “Where do I find the best hiking sandals near me?” Then your concern is about to be addressed.

Everyone can find a hiking sandal, from name brands like La sportiva, ecco yucatan, chaco odyssey, merrell moab, outdoor research, sport chek, Teva and Keen to less expensive options. Just like flip flops, your feet can breathe while wearing sandals, and the breeze and sun will help to keep them dry especially when on an outdoor adventure.

If you’re looking for the best hiking sandal from chaco sandals or teva sandals in your area, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of the best hiking sandals currently available to assist you in selecting the best pair for your backpacking trip. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the various types of hiking sandal like chaco sandals or teva sandals available to the general public, as well as where to buy them.

Factors to Consider When Buying Hiking Sandals

When choosing the right hiking sandals, there are a few factors to consider. The most important thing is to find a pair that fits well and provides good support.

For example, water shoe is the best shoe to use for trekking in water sports or muddy terrain since they operate so well for the activity.

You also want to make sure that they’re comfortable and durable enough to last through all your adventures.

It is important to consider your specific needs and preferences for you to decide well.

Some of these are:

  • The type of hiking trail you will be hiking on and the best trail running shoes or sandals you’ll need
  • The weight of your equipment
  • Your foot size
  • The style of the sandal
  • The national park you are hiking on and the type of hiking footwear (trail runner, hiking shoe, or hiking sandal) you will need.
  • You also need to consider the best hiking sandal with arch support. Merrell Moab is amongs the best brands that make the most relaxed hiking footwear with excellent arch support.
  • The traction of the sandal to ensure it is adequate. This is especially important if you’re going to be trekking in slick or wet conditions.

Which Shop Can I Buy the Best Hiking Sandals Near Me and How?

There are many different shops that sell hiking sandals. It can be difficult to decide which shop to buy from because each store has its own style and design. Some popular stores include REI, Walmart, and Amazon.  

It can be helpful to do a little research before making your purchase. You can also ask friends or family for recommendations. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to decide on the best hiking sandals for you.

What are the Best Hiking Sandals for Different Types of Hikes?

If you’re looking for the best hiking sandals for a short hike, then you should choose a lightweight option. If you’re looking for a hiking footwear more sturdy, then you might want to consider a more durable option. 

If you’re looking for the best hiking sandals for a hiking trail that is longer than 3 miles, then you should consider choosing a pair of shoes that have good cushioning. This will help reduce any pain or discomfort that you may experience during your hike.

What are the Best Brands of Hiking Sandals Near Me?

There are many great brands of hiking sandals on the market. Some of the most popular brands include Teva, Merrell, and Columbia. 

It’s important to do your research and find a brand that suits your needs and style. You don’t want to buy something that’s uncomfortable or won’t last long.

The Benefits of Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals provide many benefits that can make your outdoor experiences more enjoyable.

Firstly, hiking sandals are typically made from a sturdy material, such as rubber or leather, and have a snug fit. This ensures they will stay on your feet while you are hiking, making them ideal for trails that are difficult to walk on because of rocks or roots. 

Also, they provide good traction when walking on slippery surfaces, such as snow or ice.

Another benefit of hiking sandals is their ventilation. This allows sweat and moisture to escape from your feet easily, which helps you stay cool and comfortable in warm weather conditions. 

In addition, they allow air to circulate freely around your feet, which can reduce the risk of blisters or other foot issues.

The Best Hiking Sandals for Different Budgets

1. REI Co-op Hiking Sandal

The REI Co-op hiking sandal is a great option for those looking for a comfortable and affordable hiking sandal. It is made from a durable and breathable fabric, has an adjustable fit, and includes rubber grips on the bottom to help keep your feet stable while you’re on your hike. 

Visit REI’s Labor Day sale and clearance event if you’re shopping for new hiking sandals. Through September 5, you may save up to 50% during this promotion.

2. Columbia Hiking Sandal

Hiking sandals are perfect for the summertime. They are lightweight and can be worn with just about anything.  Some people prefer to buy Columbia hiking sandals because they are affordable and they have a wide variety of colors and styles. 

If you’re looking for a hiking sandal that is both comfortable and stylish, Columbia is a good option.

3. Merrell Bravada Cord Wrap Hiking Sandal

If you’re looking for a versatile and comfortable hiking sandal, the Merrell Bravada Cord Wrap may be the perfect option for you. This is designed with wrap-around support and a cushioned footbed to make your every step feel like it’s nothing. 

The sandal has a wrap-around cord design that keeps it securely in place, even when you’re on the go. The sporty look will add an element of style to any outfit, while the supportive footbed will make all your walks and hikes more comfortable.

4. Adidas Unisex-Adult Terrex Cyprex Ultra DLX Sandals

Adidas Unisex-Adult Terrex Cyprex Ultra DLX Sandals are perfect for hikers, runners, and anyone who wants a lightweight sandal that is also waterproof and breathable. 

The sandals have a synthetic upper and are made to be flexible and durable. They come in multiple colors, so you can find the right pair for your style.

5. Teva Women’s W Hurricane Xlt2 Hiking Sandal

When it comes to finding the perfect hiking sandal, Teva Women’s W Hurricane Xlt2 Hiking Sandal is one option that should not be overlooked. Teva sandals are made in New Zealand shoe and was designed with comfort and durability in mind, making it a great choice for anyone looking to take on a hiking adventure

The Teva Women’s W Hurricane Xlt2 Hiking Sandal features a rubber outsole that provides great traction while walking or hiking, and the upper is made from a breathable mesh fabric that helps keep your feet cool and comfortable during long outdoor excursions. 

Whether you’re planning a day hike or an extended backcountry trek, the Teva Women’s W Hurricane Xlt2 Hiking Sandal is an excellent choice for keeping your feet safe and comfortable all day long.

6. Keen Newport Hiking Sandal 

Keen Newport Hiking Sandals are a great option for those looking for a versatile, affordable option for hiking and other outdoor activities. They are made of durable and flexible materials that make them comfortable to wear even over long periods of time.

The sandals feature a rugged, rubber outsole that provides good traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Additionally, they come in multiple colors to suit any outfit or style. 

Overall, Keen Newport Hiking Sandals are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank.

7. ECCO Yucatan Hiking Sandals

The ECCO Yucatan Hiking Sandals are a great option for anyone looking for durable, comfortable sandals that will provide plenty of support while hiking. The shoes are made of hard-wearing, waterproof leather and feature a stable platform that is perfect for long hikes. 

They also come with an adjustable strap that provides optimal fit and support, as well as Velcro closures for extra security. Whether you’re planning on tackling a short hike or an all-day adventure, the ECCO Yucatan Hiking Sandals are a perfect choice!


If you are looking for a good pair of hiking sandals, it is important to consider many important factors and good brands. Take guidance from this article, and do further research if you have to so that you can make a good choice.


Is it Safe to Hike in Sandals?

When it comes to hiking, the choice of footwear can make all the difference. Hiking sandals are as good as some best hiking shoes or hiking boots. When choosing your hiking sandals, it is important to take into account the type of terrain you will be traversing and whether or not it is safe to wear them.

To know if hiking in sandals is safe, consider these few things:

First and foremost, they must always fit snugly and protect your feet from slipping and falling. 

Secondly, check the conditions of the trail before you set out. If there are any areas that are wet or icy, it would be best not to hike in sandals as these surfaces can be dangerous when wet or icy.

What Company Makes the Best Hiking Sandals?

There are a few different companies that make hiking sandals, but the two that come to mind are Columbia and Merrell. Both of these companies have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, so they should be able to accommodate whatever style of hiking you’re looking for. 

Additionally, both companies have proven themselves time and time again as some of the best in the business when it comes to quality and durability. If you’re looking for a good pair of hiking sandals that will last you through many adventures, either Columbia or Merrell is definitely worth checking out.

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