What are the Best Hiking Vacations Near Me to Awaken My Inner Explorer?

“On and on you will hike. And I know you’ll hike far and face up your problems whatever they are”. – Dr Seuss

There are few things more invigorating than a good hike. The fresh air, the exercise, the stunning views… it’s no wonder hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities. 

“Could there be a hiking vacation near me?” Yes, there is! Whether you’re looking to escape the city for a weekend, looking for a guided tour or embark on a week-long adventure, there are plenty of great hiking destinations within driving distance of most major metropolitan areas. 

And if you’re lucky enough to live near New York City or a New Yorker, you’re in luck, because there is surely an incredible outdoor adventure within driving distance. You just need to choose the one you prefer and go for it.

What is a Hiking Vacation?

A hiking vacation is an amazing opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes while getting exercise. Hiking can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. It is a great way to get out in nature and see some amazing sights. 

A hiking vacation can be done anywhere there are trails, including states such as California, Oregon, Costa Rica, Southern California, North America, North Carolina, South America, British Columbia, New Zealand, South Africa and Washington.

What to Look for in A Hiking Vacation

When searching for the perfect hiking vacation, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure the location is a perfect place that offers plenty of hiking opportunities. 

You’ll also want to consider the length and difficulty of the trip in question. Some hikes are easier than others depending on the hiking trail, so it’s important to choose one that will fit your level of fitness. 

And lastly, you’ll want to plan for adequate rest and nutrition while on your hike. Make sure you have enough water, snacks, and sunscreen, as well as enough energy to make it back down after your long hike!

How to Find The Best Hiking Vacations Near Me

Finding the best hiking vacations near you can be a daunting task. There are so many great options available, and it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect hiking trip for you:

1. Start by narrowing your search down to specific locations. Do some research online or consult travel guides to identify specific areas that offer some of the best hiking in the area.

2. Consider your budget and availability. Not all hikes are situated in luxurious locations, so make sure you’re comfortable with spending a certain amount of money on a vacation rental or camping trip. And remember, sometimes less-known hikes offer just as much scenic beauty as more famous trails!

3. Consider your fitness and ability levels when planning your hike. Some trails are more challenging than others, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into before booking anything! 

Hikes that require good balance, flexibility, and stamina can be incredibly rewarding but also require additional preparation and training beforehand.

The Best Hiking Vacations in The United States

Olympic National Park, Washington

Olympic National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the United States. The park was created in 1916 and covers over 1,600 square miles. The park is known for its vast array of hiking trails, including the Pacific Crest Trail which traverses through the park from south to north.

The views from the trails are stunning, and there are also several campgrounds available for visitors to stay in while they hike. Olympic National Park is located in the Pacific Northwest on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

The Grand Teton

The Grand Teton is the tallest peak in Grand Teton National Park, which lies in Northwest Wyoming. It is a well-known mountaineering destination in the United States and is the tallest mountain in the Teton Range. Every child in this area creates mountains in their drawings. scraggly mountains with peaks that butt up to a prairie. Grand Teton National Park contains some of the most dramatic scenery in the country, including spectacular snowcapped peaks and so whatever you choose to do, Grand Teton National Park has breathtaking scenery and adventure for everyone.

North Cascades National Park, Washington

Northern Washington State is home to North Cascades National Park. It is a vast wilderness with lakes, glaciers, and mountains covered in conifers. The North Cascades Highway leads to routes like the challenging Thunder Creek Trail and passes scenic lookout areas. 

North Cascades National Park is a place where visitors can enjoy hiking, elevation gain, fishing, skiing, and biking. The park is also home to Mount Baker and Glacier Peak, which are two of the most popular peaks to climb in the United States. The park is located about 90 minutes from Seattle and 1 hour from Vancouver.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

The 14,410-foot Mount Rainier is surrounded by Mount Rainier National Park, a 369 square mile Washington state reserve southeast of Seattle.

In addition to mountain views, summertime wildflower meadows, and hiking trailheads, the park’s 5,400-foot-high Paradise overlook offers. The hike to the top of Mount Rainier can take anywhere from 3-5 hours, but there are a number of different routes that hikers can take to make the trek more manageable. 

Mount Rainier National Park is also home to some beautiful glaciers and stunning views of the Puget Sound area. Whether you’re visiting for a day or an entire week, there’s plenty to do in this iconic Washington park!

Zion National Park, UT

Zion National Park is a wildlife reserve in southwest Utah that is known for its cliff-like red formations in Zion Canyon. Its main portion is traversed by Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, which connects to forest paths along the Virgin River. The river empties into the Emerald Pools, which feature a hanging garden and waterfalls. 

The Zion Narrows wade trail is another riverside excursion, part of it via narrow gaps. Zion National Park is a must-see destination for hikers and backpackers alike. The park spans over 1,000 square miles and features stunning Redrock cliffs, canyons, and river gorges. 

The varied landscape provides plenty of opportunities to find solitude or enjoy the company of other visitors. The park’s hiking trails vary in difficulty, providing something for everyone. Some trails are easy enough for families with small children while others are more demanding and require experienced hikers to complete them. 

The park also offers a shuttle service that makes it easy to move around the park while you’re hiking. If you’re looking for an unforgettable outdoor experience, Zion National Park is definitely worth a visit.

Glacier National Park, Montana

In Montana’s Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park is a 1,583 square mile wilderness region with glacier-carved peaks and valleys that extend to the Canadian border. The Going-to-the-Sun Road, a mountainous road, passes through it. 

There is a trail leading to picturesque Hidden Lake among its more than 700 kilometers of hiking trails. Camping, biking, and hiking are additional pursuits. There is a wide variety of fauna, from grizzly bears to mountain goats. Glacier National Park is a stunning park that features towering peaks, glaciers, and plenty of wildlife. The park is located in Montana and is a great option for hiking and camping vacations

There are more than 2,000 miles of trails that visitors can explore, and the area is also home to several lakes and streams. The park also features several visitor centers where visitors can find information on the park’s history, geology, wildlife, and more.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

On top of a volcanic hot point, Yellowstone National Park is an approximately 3,500 square mile natural recreation area. The park is primarily in Wyoming, although it also extends into areas of Montana and Idaho. 

Dramatic gorges, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs, and spouting geysers, notably Old Faithful, are all highlights of Yellowstone. Numerous animal species, including wolves, bison, elk, and antelope, as well as hundreds more, call it home. 

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. The park spans over 1 million acres, and there are dozens of trails that visitors can explore, and many of them offer stunning views of the Yellowstone River and otherworldly geysers.

The Best Hiking Vacations in Europe

The best hiking vacations in Europe are a great way to get out and explore some of the most stunning landscapes on the continent. From mountainous areas to lush green valleys, these vacations provide hikers with a wealth of opportunities to soak up the natural beauty of Europe. 

Some popular hiking destinations in Europe include the Alps, the Pyrenees, and the Scottish Highlands.

1. The Alps Hiking Destination In Europe

The Alps, which span across seven Alpine nations including France, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia, are the highest and largest mountain range system in all of Europe. 

The Alps hiking destination in Europe is a popular choice for hikers of all abilities. The Alpine region contains a wealth of hiking trails, from easy strolls to more strenuous routes. Hikers can explore the high peaks and alpine valleys, or take a more leisurely route that meanders through the foothills.

Many visitors to the Alps stay in one of the many charming mountain villages, where they can enjoy local food and wine while taking in stunning views.

2. The Pyrenees Hiking Destination In Europe

The Pyrenees mountain range, which stretches more than 430 kilometers between Spain and France and rises to an elevation of more than 3,400 meters, divides the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe. 

Numerous ski resorts may be located on both sides of the Pyrenees, and hiking paths that run the entire length of the range can be found in national parks. In the center of the chain sits the tiny sovereign state of Andorra. 

The Pyrenees mountain range is named after the Pyrenees Mountains, which are the highest peak in the range. The Pyrenees are a popular hiking destination for people who want to explore beautiful mountain ranges while getting a great workout. 

3. The Scottish Highlands

Northwest Scotland is covered by the hilly Scottish Highlands. The fabled monster “Nessie” is associated with Loch Ness, which is in the center and is overshadowed by the remains of medieval Urquhart Castle. Dolphins swim in the Moray Firth in the northeast, close to the city of Inverness. 

Ben Nevis, the highest point in the United Kingdom, is reached via routes in the Western Highlands, to the southwest, where red deer inhabit Glencoe Valley and its waterfalls. The Scottish Highlands offer some of the most stunning hiking trails in all of Europe

This sparsely populated region is home to many iconic mountain peaks and dramatic lochs, making for an unforgettable hiking experience. Hikers can explore the Highlands via several well-maintained trails, all of which pass through picturesque villages and rolling countryside.

If you are looking for an epic hiking adventure that will leave you feeling both physically and emotionally rewarded, the Scottish Highlands are definitely worth a visit!

The Best Hiking Vacations in Canada

Other best places in in Canada with amazing views include the Canadian Rockies, Grand Canyon, Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Nova Scotia, Jasper National Park, Icefields Parkway, and others. Parks Canada manages the country’s 48 national parks, three national marine conservation areas, and 172 national historic sites. 1 national urban park and 1 national historic site.

So, if you’re looking for gorgeous trails with beautiful scenery (great outdoors) to hike or go on a road trip in Canada, grab your hiking boots and let’s go for a hike!


When choosing a hiking vacation, it’s important to take into account your fitness level and abilities as well as the conditions prevailing at the time of your visit. If you’re planning on hiking during peak season, be sure to check online for current weather conditions and plan your hike accordingly. You may also check related posts on hiking vacations for more info.

Also, if you’re looking for a hiking vacation that will provide plenty of physical activity while also providing amazing natural scenery, then I highly recommend visiting one of the mountain ranges mentioned in this article.

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